Tune in to a movement with heretical beliefs that deviate from those considered orthodox. Break away from larger modern culture and follow a different set of rules, created not to contain, but to expand.

You are the culture medium. The host. Your lifestyle is the vehicle for something special. A bar, a club, a musical doctrine. We are just an agent, striving to create songs which symbolic territories are the archetypal cities of decadence, hedonism and melancholy. Tunes slowly emerging of textural substance from seemingly primordial depth — the fancy way of saying "simple but effective").

We worship the ideas of creation. So should you.


We are four Swedes. Mattias Lindblom, Jesper Lindqvist + brothers Andreas and Johan Hermansson.

Today all Inkfish productions are done by Andreas or Mattias. The label is managed by Andreas, who also do the dj'ing, together with Johan, while Jesper is our own version of Bez of Happy Mondays fame.

Merits: One number one hit on Beatport, one overall top ten and several within the top ten, in Breaks, Chill Out, Deep House, Progressive House & Techno.

Artists featured on Inkfish Recordings: The Scumfrog, Robert Owens, Style of Eye, Ramon Tapia, Sabb, Sergio Fernandez, Psycatron, Chronophone and many more.

Our material on other labels: Azuli, Anjunadeep, Armada, Baroque, Bedrock, Doppelgaenger, Kosmo, Parquet, Renaissance, Stereo, Yellow Tail (BluFin) + many more.

Tech-Art, Vol. 3 - Artificial Tech House Beats
Tech-Art, Vol. 3 - Artificial Tech House Beats

David Lara
Por la Noche (Inkfish Remix)
Tech-Art, Vol. 3 - Artificial Tech House Beats
Incl. David Lara - Por la Noche (Inkfish Remix)
Licensee Label: Budenzauber
26 July 2013
Por la Noche
David Lara
Incl. remix(es) by:

Angelo Ferreri, Inkfish, JJ Mullor, Lazy Bug, Lexvaz