Matt McLarrie
United Kingdom

Shalom house fascists! This is where I would talk about myself in the 3rd person as if it was written by someone else. I like denim shorts, beards and flip flops as a combination and was grown from a single rabbi sideburn curl in a pot of spaghetti..........which would explain my skinny and curly image. My first track was actually a informational tape about prawns called "The Cheeky Prawn" and was a massive hit with prawn fisherman in Finland. I got a big break and now sound engineer for UK morris dancing groups, and churches (its difficult trying to get the bells sounding right, and the fake God's voice needs to have just the right amount of reverb or its unrealistic). I would love to go to Africa to create my own samples of tribes chanting and crazy animals, running around the Serengeti with meat strapped to me waving a mic around. I would describe my sound as a drum machine thrown into an African tribe or a drunk Scottish man allowed to try out ethnic instruments! I now own a mic and also a set of bongos so my studio is expanding............expect to hear "live" bongos in my tracks although bongos played by Scottish hands don't really have the same rhythm. I prefer naming tracks than actually writing them. My dream is to produce a track that gets used in my favorite show - Masterchef...........the bits where they are preparing vegetables has quality house music in the background. Cooking shows are full of house music!

Keep Calm and Dance On
Keep Calm and Dance On
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Mike Syntec
Gabriela (Matt McLarrie Remix)
Keep Calm and Dance On
Incl. Mike Syntec - Gabriela (Matt McLarrie Remix)
Licensee Label: Play My Track Recordings
23 July 2013
I Wanna Be With You / Gabriela EP
Mike Syntec, Mnedez
Incl. remix(es) by:

Andrea Fissore, David Lara, Derek Muller, Matt McLarrie